+ Organize social media posts into categories

+ Align product marketing with event promotions to emphasize social activations

+ Ensure evergreen content produced by the expected deadlines, sets the bar for new content to appear on Wechat with regularity



+ A labeled and coded visual source library

+ A set of layout templates for social media campaigns on Wechat platform, inmail and email outreach

+ An editorial guide that outline digital products from conceptualization to execution in alignment with marketing promotion timeline


+ the consistent implementation of set-templates to unified brand experience 

+ tone of voice treatment through all social media outlets 


 A set of layout templates are created in order to manage the content produced. They are created through the perspective of 4 different Muse-related characters, they are: 

Ms.Muse: Spoken from the voice of an older-sister who is mindful, considerate and sophisticated, aimed to educate consumers and introduce cultural content related to Muse Bakery. The designed content will exists in the forms of romantic ideas, date night advices and occasion gift guides. 

Miss Muse: A younger voice with excitements and compassion expressed in a personable tone. The content writing guideline is light, verbal and current. Designed to communicate in the style of a causal conversation between close friends, aim to promote news, promotions, event recaps and more. 

Baker Muse: Baker Muse is the professional character in the matrix, it stems from the voice of the calm dessert head chef Manny behind the Muse brand, who is generous and attentive. The monthly content are short-video recipes, New Products Feature and seasonal trend forecasts. 

Madame Muse: Highlighting content in regards to the Muse School, promotional content about new lessons and products. The tone of voice is inspired by powerful female leaders. Madame Muse also acts as the community curator that manage membership and corporate engagement.    




A visual approach is designed to create a coherent brand image, after all, a strong brand dictates the content behind. Original and compelling visual are created in order to attract attentions to literal content, this guideline covers; visual elements, photography direction and artistic direction. 


Copy writing in original language