a brand that inspires modern day muses

luxury women's wear - antwerp

BRAND GUIDELINE | logo + typeface + visual element

ART DIRECTION | onsite visual direction during photoshoot

DEVELOPMENT | application of the brand guideline to the creations of digital and printed fashion look books + flyers 

GEORGINE is a high profile luxury women's wear that celebrates confidence in its audience. The designer's motto is that garments should look beautiful outside as well as from the inside; from materials to finishing each piece exemplifies only the highest quality of craftsmanship and details. 

GEORGINE SS14 Marketing Material 

GEORGINE SS14 Marketing Material 

monaco card final 5.jpg

GEORGINE SPRING SUMMER 2014 collection celebrates the traveling spirit and cruise-inspired style. The art direction highlights the playfulness of the collection with double-exposed effect and a vintage vignette color treatments. 

Detail shots are faded as the background of each look in order to express the dynamic and multi-facet designs of this collection.