Create a mystical brand for a music soul

singer & songwriter, New York City & Los Angeles

Research & Reference | identity positioning + market research

Design | logo + label + typeface + visual elements + artwork

Julietta Libani, an up-and-coming singer/ songwriter, seeks a visual identity that signifies her uniquely soulful voice. Libani’s label and logo contains thin line works that exemplify whimsical visual elements that was inspired by native archery or ancient weapons. The artistic direction elected was a meticulous balance between mechanism and organism. A series of five astronomic fashioned artworks were created for her album, each customized to fit within the meaning of one song. They are Conquest, Nightmare, Goosebumps, Time and Try. 

Album artwork for song "Conquest" 

Album artwork for song "Time" 

Album artwork for song "Nightmare"